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One of the main ones in the housewares business, Uninjet is a family company that has been standing out in the organization market for 10 years, being the specialist in the manufacture of molds and injection of plastic parts, especially in the organization, cleaning and laundry segment , kitchen and garden.

Uninjet is always thinking about the quality of our products. We seek an innovative design, advanced technologies, color differential and optimize so that they are increasingly modern and safe, bringing competitive prices to the market.

We always work thinking about your comfort and the best way to make your life easier with all the news, bringing a world of varieties, from kitchen products to products for organizing environments and the like.

We take care of what we are part of, providing a high standard of service to our customers. Uninjet is present on social networks, being part of the daily lives of our consumers, committing to exceed expectations.

Located in the center of the city of São Paulo, today it has a modern manufacturing plant with the latest technology. With seriousness, respect and commitment, Uninjet distributes its product mix throughout Brazil.

The entire Uninjet process follows the standards of good practices in environmental management, continuously evaluating processes and procedures, seeking an improvement in the use of raw materials and basic inputs, and directing appropriate treatments to the waste generated.

We are a family owned and operated business.

Mission: To be present in every home, being one of the main brands of housewares;

Ethics: Commitment, professionalism, empathy and care for people;

Vision: Develop and produce utilities that facilitate people’s daily lives.

We are a family owned and operated business.

Environmental Policy

Uninjet seeks to obtain, by minimizing the consumption of resources, renewable or not, the reduction of environmental impacts, offering a quality product and with safety in all operational stages, meeting current standards and legislation, continuously improving its process.

All discharges are carried out by contracting responsible companies to give the waste a correct destination. We believe that we are responsible for building a better world, and we bring this awareness to our employees through recycling

We are a family owned and operated business.

Quality policy

UNINJET seeks to obtain the satisfaction of its customers, improving its processes, from manufacturing until the product arrives at the customer’s home, thus meeting the needs with efficiency and quality at all levels. It constantly invests in the training of its professionals, and infrastructure and technology.

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