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how to plant correctly


For plant lovers, the essential thing is to know how to plant correctly. Planting in the right way helps to prolong the life of your plant in the pot.
At Uninjet, thinking about the longevity of your plant, we have developed the Functional Decor Vase, ideal for plant lovers. It has a coupled dish, anti-dengue system, design that helps to water the land evenly, without harming the nutrients that the plant needs.
Each plant has a specific way of planting properly. There are different types of soil, fertilizers, humus and a multitude of supplements to nourish the land and your plant to grow strong and healthy.
Thinking about it, Uninjet made a very explanatory tutorial on how to plant correctly, here are 5 tips to put your little plant or vegetable garden:

1- Clean your pot and place crushed stone or expanded clay at the bottom, it helps to drain the excess water and prevents the soil and the roots of the plants from drenching;

2- Place a blanket, she is responsible for holding the soil, it prevents pieces of soil from leaving during irrigation, in addition to preventing the roots from going down to the bottom of the pot and covering the holes;

3- Right after that, add the first layer of organic soil, washed construction sand and black soil. This mixture guarantees the ideal condition for your plant to become strong and also guarantees all the nutrients it needs;

4- After this process, adjust the plant root in the middle of the pot and fill the spaces with soil.

5- It is important that the soil is approximately 1 finger from the edge of the vessel


  • If you want to decorate the vase with stones or gravel, this space ensures that there is no overflow of water at the time of irrigation.

After putting all the tips into practice and performing the correct planting, your plants in the Functional Decor Uninjet pot will grow in a healthy way, guaranteeing the vitality of your plant or vegetable garden.
Did you like the tips?

Access our video on Youtube showing this step by step, click on the image!