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How to organize your pots


We are always in constant doubt about how to keep the kitchen organized to make life easier, right? Whether to prepare a lunch for the family, store groceries or even not to lose the lids of the pots rs.
Our partner and Personal Organizer Fabiana Santos (@rainhasdaorganizacao), made a very interesting interview on this subject on TV Aparecida, on the Santa Recita Program, presented by Abiane Souza! Fabiana is a trained P.O and gives several tips on how to keep your kitchen tidy at all times so that you don't have any difficulties at the time.
On this occasion, the article was presented with Uninjet's product mix, from rectangular, square, round pots, plastic and glass pots.

Plastic pots are a great ally when it comes to food storage. So here are some tips to avoid problems when storing the jars and avoid that waste caused by incorrect storage.
The first tip is to observe how many people live in the house, to have the right amount of pots in the cupboard and not to be occupying spaces that can be used. The guideline is always to pay attention to the number of people living in the house and if you have the habit of cooking almost every day. For example, if 3 people live in the house and always prepare food, the ideal is to have 6 to 8 pots per person, but this varies according to the need of each person, if the person lives alone, the amount of pots for storage changes, up to a maximum of 4 pots may be required in these cases.
The second important tip is to always note at the time of purchase, if the plastic is BPA free (There is a very cool article about BPA here). BPA is a toxic substance, and when it comes into contact with hot or cold temperatures, it is released in greater quantity and can be transferred to food and can cause health problems. Uninjet's pots are all BPA-free, non-toxic and not harmful to health, they are ideal for storing ready-made foods or groceries, such as rice or sugar. It is also legal to use glass jars.

Another tip is to organize the jars in the cupboard after use. If they are stored in any way, there is a risk of catching bacteria or dust, losing the cover, or not taking advantage of the space you have properly. The ideal is to keep the pots together, one inside the other, as this saves space. It is also legal to buy the jars with the same shapes, this way it is easier to store. Cleaning is also very important to not smell, washing every week with a little bleach or vinegar and baking soda, helps to remove the impurities that cause the bad smell in the plastic.
In addition to these tips, in the interview with dear Fabi, she gives other very important tips. Are you curious to know more? Watch the wonderful interview made in the Santa Receita Program is available on Youtube, click on the image!